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Sen. Cory Gardner leads on environment

Sen. Cory Gardner announced at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference that he is co-founding the bicameral Roosevelt Conservation Caucus to develop market-based solutions to environmental problems. I applaud his leadership. Faced with a daunting challenge like climate change, we need strong voices, bold vision and thoughtful policy proposals from across the political spectrum.

For too long, Republicans in Congress have ceded the issue to Democrats, creating an imbalance as Americans seek out politically and economically viable solutions.

Lack of robust Republican engagement has also created a leadership vacuum as young conservatives worried about climate change seek a trustworthy and welcoming political home base for the fight of their lives.

Conservation is a conservative value. Teddy Roosevelt showed us that. Now, Cory Gardner takes up his mantle.

Welcome to the fray, Senator. Welcome to leadership.

Kathy Fackler


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